• Q: What is the age range of members in our Melbourne Social Group?
    A: Our age ranges from about 30 to 65 with the average member age in the middle. 
  • Q: Does the age range change on different events?
    A: The age of members attending any specific event would depend on the type of social event. As examples, the sportier events will usually have the younger members of the group and theatre events would normally attract the older members of the group.

    In our social club, our social Melbourne activities are geared towards the common interest, so we do not feel the need to specify age groups.
  • Q: What sort of events does of Fun, Food & Friendship - Melbourne Social Club organise?
    A: We arrange fantastic social Melbourne events ranging from free events like dinners, drinks nights, sports events, trivia nights to corporate style events like Derby Day and Oaks Day cruises, winery tours, day trips and weekends.  If you would like to view some recent member’s events; please visit our Facebook Page or our Melbourne Social Club Instagram Page.
  • Q: How many people attend our social Melbourne activities?  
    A: The number of members attending any specific activity would depend on the type of social activity. Each activity will interest a subset of the club and availability of members on the day of the event. Many of our trivia nights and group dinner evenings have around 10 to 15 people attending. The Christmas Picnic in the gardens has been running for over 12 years and on Christmas Day 2017, 2018 and 2019 over 100 people attended on these days.
  • Q: How many members in the Melbourne Social Club ?  
    A: Our membership database contains over 4,500 members and guests with between 200-350 active memberships at any time and over 2,500 fans on Facebook.
  • Q: Why do we have to pay for a membership to Fun, Food & Friendship - Melbourne Social Club to attend social events?
    A: We have professional expenses (like any other company), that we need to cover so that we are able to offer events to our members. As examples, company fees,  accountancy fees, website, marketing, advertising,admin, membership benefit cards and banking fees. Membership fees provide the infrastructure to the social club allowing us to run the social events.
  • Q: What value does a Melbourne Social Club membership provide? Why should I join this social club in Melbourne ?
    A: Our yearly social club membership works out at less than $2.50 a week which is about the price of a cup of coffee at a Melbourne cafe in happy hour. On average, we have 4-5 events per week with over 2 free events a week to attend. Membership includes wide range of city discounts as well as access to social events in Melbourne.
  • We have structured the club to have numerous events (including many free and discounted events) and city benefits all for one inclusive price. We consider this to be a fair way of offering multiple events and benefits over a year.  Fun, Food and Friendship runs many discounted events ranging from Dining, Wine Tours, Comedy, Sports, Ghost Tours, Day Trips, Drinks Nights and many more.  If you attend these discounted events, you would easily save more than the cost of your membership. 
  • Q: What benefits do I get for my Melbourne Social Club membership?
    A:Your Melbourne social club membership card provides great membership benefits that include discounts to bars, restaurants, cafes, shopping, entertainment, accommodation and car parking all over Melbourne.  The rewards scheme is run in conjunction with the City Rewards which entices Melbournians to enjoy the secrets of the city, especially on weeknights and weekends.

    Some of the great offers include 50% off the weekend and weeknight car parking rates, 50% off car washes, two for one drink offers and two for one meal offers. Members that use the car parking discounts just once a week save around $250 a year, and that's just one benefit. In September 2019, examples of our fantastic rewards included $500 off new selected Samsung TVs or over $4,900 on a new car such as Mazda CX-5.
  • Q: Why is the Melbourne Social Club an award winning club ?                           
    A: In September 2016, we received a commendation from the City of Melbourne as well as qualifying for many Word of Mouth yearly service awards that are rewarded to the top 5% of businesses entirely based on customer feedback. We are also highly rated on Google reviews and Facebook reviews with over 2,500 fans.
  • Q: After I join the Melbourne Social Club, when can I book events as a member?
    A: Almost immediately. After joining our Melbourne Social Group using the membership registration screen, an automatic email is sent back to you confirming your new membership number and password which is used to book events as a member. Your e-mail address can also be used to login, after you join as a member. Your membership must be current to participate in a members only event.
  • Q: After I join the Melbourne Social Club, when does my membership card arrive?
    A: Your Melbourne Social Club membership card has to be printed in a similar way to a bank card. There will always be a small delay in receiving your membership card after you complete your on-line registration. Membership cards are batched up each month and your card is normally available for collection at the next end of month Melbourne social drinks night after your registration. COVID19 restrictions may restrict membership card printing.
  • Q: Do have a membership refund policy ?
    A: Yes, we offer a full refund of membership fees paid for seven days after joining. Membership cards will be ordered for you that provide a wide range of Melbourne discounts and these membership cards cannot be altered or cancelled, hence no refunds can be made after seven days.
  • Q: Once I have my Melbourne Social Club membership card, how do I access all the great discount benefits?
    A: Please visit the Rewards Logon Screen and login using your membership number. Please note on your first visit to the Rewards site, your password is NOT your Fun, Food and Friendship events password. Your Rewards site password is sent to you via a membership card e-mail notification and membership card letter. The Rewards site password can be changed on the Rewards site, if required. 

  • Q: Can I attend a Melbourne Social Club event on my own?
    A: Of course! Most people attend events on their own; it’s a great way of meeting new people. There is always a host that attends our Melbourne social events. The host will ensure a comfortable introduction to your first social event.

  • Q: Do I need to join Fun, Food & Friendship - Melbourne Social Club in order to attend an event?
    A: We are currently only running social activities in Melbourne for members for their safety and covid19 social distancing restrictions. Your membership must be current to attend a members event.
  • Q: Can I bring anyone with me to our Melbourne social events?
    A: Friends can attend social events if they have a current membership, we are currently only running social activities for members for their safety and covid19 social distancing restrictions.
  • Q: When I register am I committing to any events?
    A: The member application form does not commit you to events; it just helps us to plan future social club activities, but please inform us if you are unable to attend an event that you have booked.
  • Q: I am not single. Is the Melbourne Social Club still for me?
    A: The Melbourne Social Club is not a singles club in Melbourne. It is a club that everyone can join in Melbourne and we have corporate companies attending some of our Melbourne events. It is a great social group to join in Melbourne.
  • Q: Do you have a membership for couples?
    A: Yes. If you are a couple and reside at the same postal address, we have a couple's membership at a discounted price. The membership for couples has two membership cards that can be used independently of each other, allowing access to our events and city benefits around Melbourne.  The couples discount can only be used if both people join or renew on the same day.
  • Q: How do I register for a membership for couples? 
    A: If you are a couple that reside at the same postal address; two individual memberships are required which will allow access to our events and city benefits independently.  Register each person via our registration page using the promotional code "couple12" for a 12 month membership or "couple6" for a 6 month membership and complete payment on each registration.
  • Q: Do you have events for children?
    A: No. Our Melbourne social events are designed for adults around the Melbourne municipality and inner suburbs of Melbourne as well as day trips from Melbourne and weekends away. 
  • Q: I prefer not to use PayPal. Do you accept other payments?
    A: Yes. Although Fun, Food and Friendship - Melbourne Social Club prefers PayPal payments which are instant and have payment email confirmations, we can accept payments to our Westpac account under the name of Fun, Food and Friendship Pty Ltd with BSB : 033003 and A/C : 272459.
  • Q: Will you share my personal information with anyone?
    A: Absolutely not, unless you specifically ask us to do so. We do not share or pass on your details to any marketing companies - ever.
  • Q: What is the Fun, Food and Friendship - Melbourne Social Club member’s referral scheme?
    A: Fun, Food and Friendship will allow you, as a member, to earn a FREE membership extension for yourself.  To redeem your FREE membership, you need to refer new members to the club (members that have never held a held a membership). As a current MEMBER, when you refer 2 x one year new memberships OR 3 x half year new membership you receive a FREE six month membership extension. As a current MEMBER, when you refer 3 x one year new memberships or 5 x six month membership you receive a FREE full years membership extension.

    Just make sure that your membership number (or name) is on the application form of your friend or colleague to count as a referral. At the end of your current membership, your referral count is reset to zero. If you qualify for a FREE membership; your membership is automatically renewed for you.
  • Q: What is the Fun, Food and Friendship - Melbourne Social Club Membership Loyalty Program?
  • A:Individual members are entitled to a loyalty discount based on the length of continuous membership. For every six months of membership, members will receive an 10% discount off their next 6 or 12 month renewal, up to a maximum loyalty discount of 50% (which relates to 2.5 years of membership). To qualify for a individual membership discount on your renewal, your membership must be extended before your current membership expires. Note that the loyalty program is based in the standard individual membership prices only.
  • As an example, after one year of membership, you would be entitled to 20% discount off your next 6 or 12 month renewal based on the standard individual membership prices. After two and a half years membership, you would be entitled to 50% discount, with the price of membership just $39.50 for six months or $64.50 for one year, which is half price.  





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